Whenever the women in my family are anxious, they over-water the houseplants. You can always tell if a stressful event is upon the family by the little streams running from the base of the amaryllis or the Spanish lavender in the kitchen. You can gauge anxiety levels in the men because they get quiet and they organize; they tidy and clean and put the tea bags in the cookie jar. I am like neither. Instead, I fumble with my hands to produce objects. I layer and couple some abject, disgusting, beautiful, loaded materials to construct a defense against vulnerability.



2017     MFA, Cranbrook Academy of Art, Metalsmithing Department 

2014      BFA, Double Major Program, Fine Arts and Psychology, The College of New Jersey 


2018     a line of beauty: Cranbrook House inhabitation, Bloomfield Hills, MI

2017    MoreLand, EDITION Simone DeSousa Gallery, Detroit, MI 

2017    Experiencing Perspectives, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, Farmington Hills, MI

2017     Spring Annual Group Exhibition, Next Step Studios and Gallery, Ferndale, MI

2017     Graduate Degree Exhibition, Cranbrook Academy of Art

2016     Trans-form / Coffee and Tea, Marzee Gallery, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

2014     White Noise, Thesis Exhibition, TCNJ Art Gallery

2014     Young Galaxy,  Artworks, Trenton, NJ

2014     Light and Dark: Biennial, Kappa Pi International Art Honor Fraternity, TCNJ Art Gallery

2013     Ensky, Installation Supervisor / Co-Curator, TCNJ Art Gallery

2013     A Nu Show, Installation Supervisor / Co-Curator, TCNJ Art Gallery

2012     All Cats are Grey in the Dark, Kappa Pi International Art Honor Fraternity, TCNJ Art Gallery 


2018     Co-Curation of Inside Voices, with Evie Kalfaian and Anna Kalfaian at onsite gallery at The Toshiko Takaezu Studio Project, Quakertown, NJ. Exhibition included rarely-seen work by Toshiko Takaezu, and objects from her home and studio spaces. 


2011-2014     Presentation at "Art Attack" Prospective Students' Day, TCNJ

2015              Hair Seminar, Co-Presenter, Metalsmithing Department, Cranbrook Academy of Art


2014     Graduated magna cum laude , The College of New Jersey

2014     Nominated by TCNJ Faculty committee to International Sculpture Center: 

             Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture Award